In the ever-evolving world of business, staying ahead of the curve is essential.

One powerful tool that often gets overlooked during business planning sessions is online reviews and customer feedback, especially when you apply a customer-centric lens to everything you do.  Snippets of customer insight can have tremendous influence over your business's success. 

From improving your local search rankings to influencing prospective customers to shop with you, Google Reviews and customer feedback play a pivotal role in helping businesses reach their financial and non-financial goals.

In this article, we'll dive into the key benefits of online reviews and customer feedback and explain why you need to add these as a central focus for your business, pronto!

The power of reviews and feedback

Reviews and feedback organically boost SEO and Google rankings

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is like a magic ingredient that helps businesses stand out on the internet.  Think of positive Google Reviews as friendly signs that show search engines where your business is. 

The more reviews you get, especially if they contain words that have a positive connotation (think "amazing", "prompt", "excellent customer service" or "great experience"), the higher your business website and Google Business Profile (GBP) will show in search results. 

Paid advertising is another popular way to improve SEO.  However, when you stop paying for Google Adverts, you immediately lose all traction as a result of dropping out of the advertising market.  By focusing on Google Reviews, you've basically got the advertising equivalent to compounding interest.  The more positive feedback and reviews you get, the better your business appears to Google, effectively building a wall of defence against local competitors with a solid star-rating.

Attract new customers using social proof 

The more attention your website and Google Business Profile receive, the more opportunities you're given to secure new business.  Views and clicks, clicks and views!

The major benefit of Google Reviews is that they not only help attract more attention to your website and GBP, but also harness the power of social proof to influence purchase decisions - to incredible effect.  If you've got a swathe of positive reviews nice and visible on your profile, customers are more likely to take that next step and making a booking or purchase.

Social proof is the psychological idea that people are influenced in their decision-making by others. People feel safest when they follow the lead of the masses, so if you're rated 4.8 stars from 200 people and the competition is rated 5 stars from 11, a prospective buyer is more likely to choose you.

The benefits of customer feedback

There's something else that business builders love about reviews; and that's their return on investment. Check out this article for the details, but to summarise, think:

  • Seeking customer feedback shows you care about your customers, building a community of customer cheerleaders and referred business 
  • Identifying unhappy customers early can prevent bad word-of-mouth
  • Seeking customer feedback can help promote repeat business, which is cheaper than advertising for new customers 

Outrank your competition before they know what's happened

These days, competition is fierce, and it's only dialling up.  Staying ahead of the other businesses in your local industry is paramount, and the reality is that many business are ignoring the goldmine of opportunities that come with better customer reviews. 

By taking the initiative and focusing on reviews now, you can leap ahead before your competition even knows what's happening.  If competitors eventually catch on and start focusing on their reviews, it won't be a concern for you... they'll forever be playing catch-up.

Enhance your service and reduce wasteful spending using customer insights 

Customer feedback offers valuable insight into your services.  Engaging with reviews and seeking customer feedback helps you better understand customer needs, preferences, and pain points.

By analysing customer comments (positive and negative), you can fine-tune your products and services to align with market demands.  It also provides an opportunity to address concerns and drive improvement, while delaying review generation means missing out on crucial feedback that could help you address problems before they escalate.

Each review provides an opportunity for learning and growth. Seize it by engaging with customers promptly.

Key points

  • Online reviews and customer feedback are often underestimated but have a substantial impact on business success.
  • Positive Google Reviews enhance SEO, improve search rankings, and provide lasting organic influence.
  • Social proof from reviews attracts attention, influences purchase decisions, and builds consumer confidence.
  • Customer feedback offers a high ROI, showing care for customers, preventing negativity, and promoting repeat business.
  • Embracing reviews now will put you ahead of local competitors, ensuring success before they catch up.
  • Reviews and feedback provide valuable insight into your customer journey, enhancing services and reducing wasteful spending.
  • Regularly seeking and reviewing customer feedback drives improvement, prevents escalation of issues, and encourages learning.
  • Neglecting reviews risks losing customers to proactive competitors with stronger online reputations.


In the digital age, online reviews and customer satisfaction are the lifeline that can either propel your business forward or leave it behind in obscurity. By prioritising Google reviews and seeking customer feedback ASAP, you're making the choice to invest in a more successful future for your business.

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