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Spotted a review on your Google Business Profile that doesn't appear to be from one of your customers?  While they can be hard to spot if you're a customer, they're pretty easy to identify if you're a small business. 

Unfortunately, there's no way for you to remove a review from your profile by yourself. The good news though, is that Google will step in and remove it for you if that review violates its policies, which includes fake reviews.

This article will share the steps you need to take in order to flag the review to Google so they can ultimately remove it from your listing. 

How to get a fake review removed by Google

Firstly, you'll need to flag the review 

1.  Determine if the review is from someone pretending to be a customer.

2. Log in to your Google Business Profile.

3.  Navigate to the reviews tab.

4.  Select the review(s) you'd like to flag.

5.  Choose the Flag as inappropriate option.

6.  Fill out the follow-up survey.

7.  Respond to the review - this will help "drown out" the noise.

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