Google Business Profile Attributes are essential descriptors that provide your customers with a better understanding of your business. These attributes can highlight specific services, unique offerings, or particular characteristics that help customers make informed decisions before visiting your physical location.

Where to find Google Business Profile Attributes

Attributes are displayed on your Knowledge Panel/Graph in organic search results, located just above your address and beneath your primary information in Google Maps results. Clicking on a Profile in Maps reveals more information, with attributes listed above the address. The arrow next to the visible attributes allows you to view additional types.

Attributes by business category

While many attributes are universally available across different business categories, some are exclusive to specific primary categories.  For instance, if you run a Japanese restaurant, you can add attributes like "Spicy food," "Small plates," and "Vegetarian options."  Conversely, if you manage a pharmacy, these options won’t be available. Choosing the correct category ensures you can access relevant attributes for your business.

Benefits of adding Google Business Profile Attributes

Using Attributes on your Google Business Profile offers two key benefits:

Enhancing search relevance:  Adding the right attributes can improve your ranking in local search results.  If Google’s algorithms identify your business as relevant to a searcher’s query, your business is more likely to appear, even if you're located slightly further away from the searcher.

Boosting online reputation:  Attributes contribute to a better customer experience, enhancing your online reputation. Potential customers are actively seeking your services, and comprehensive attributes make it easier for them to find you.

How Attributes work

Attributes may not be immediately obvious, but they play a significant role in helping potential customers find your business. Think of them as qualitative keywords that help you appear in Maps, Search results, and the Google 3-Pack.  For example, if you're one of the many Asian restaurants in Auckland offering takeaway or delivery and accepting card payments, a search like "Asian restaurant takeaway Auckland" could likely feature your business in the 3-Pack if you have enough prominence and are nearby.

Types of Attributes

Google groups attributes into various types to help businesses select the most relevant ones:

  • Accessibility:  Describes accommodations for persons with disabilities.
  • Activities:  Recreational activities in resorts and country clubs.
  • Amenities:  Facilities in hotels, B&Bs, and other accommodations.
  • Crowd:  Types of people welcomed in establishments.
  • Dining options: Dine-in, takeaway, or delivery setups.
  • Health and safety:  Features ensuring safety from illnesses.
  • Highlights:  Key features or facilities.
  • Languages Spoken:  Languages used at your location for non-English speakers.
  • Lodging Options:  Types of rooms or features not classified as amenities.
  • Offerings:  Additional details varying by category.
  • Payments:  Accepted payment types.
  • Planning:  Helps customers plan their visit.
  • Popular For:  Features giving a competitive edge.
  • Service options:  Additional customer support services.

Choosing the right Attributes for your business

Selecting appropriate attributes depends on the services your business offers. Consider the following questions:

  • What payment options are available at my location(s)?
  • Is my location accessible for persons with disabilities?
  • What is the typical crowd at my location?
  • Do I have staff who speak languages other than English?
  • What dining services do I offer?
  • Are health and safety protocols followed at my location?
  • Do customers need to make reservations or appointments?
  • What else is my business known for?
  • For hotels:  What amenities do I offer?
  • For accommodations:  What activities are available?

How to add Attributes to your Google Business Profile

To edit your business information on your Google Business Profile, follow these steps:

1.  Log in to your Google Business Profile.

2. To edit your business details:

  • Using Google Search:  Click on "Edit profile."
  • Using Google Maps:  Click on "Edit profile" and then "Business information."

3.  At the top, click on the "More" tab.

4.  Choose the category you want to update.

5.  Next to the attribute you wish to change, select "Yes" or "No."

6.  Once you have finished updating your attributes, click "Save."


Google Business Profile attributes are vital for improving your business’s visibility in Google Search and Maps results and enhancing your online brand reputation. These attributes inform customers about what your business offers, from amenities and dining options to the types of customers you serve.

While the availability of attributes depends on your primary category, fully optimising your profile with relevant attributes can significantly impact your ranking and customer engagement.

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