Accelerate your workshop growth with better reviews

With a bunch of Google Reviews, people searching for a mechanic or workshop in your city are more likely to find and choose you over the competition.  

We make it easy to pump your business with authentic reviews from your customers, with powerful features to help you stand out and get noticed.


Become a
top-rated local

With better reviews, you'll be seen as one of the most reliable workshops in your area, gaining priority positions in local Google search that give you a competitive advantage and peace of mind that you're ahead of the pack and not missing out on any opportunities.

  • Become a top-rated local mechanic or workshop
  • Show up in more local searches
  • Outshine the competition with better reviews and star-rating


Highlight your workshop's trust and credibility

With a solid online reputation, you'll increase the sense of trust and reliability around your services. With every click, potential customers can't help but feel confident, assured that you're a high quality, trustworthy plumbing business.

  • Instantly communicate your credibility
  • Demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction
  • Build confidence with new customers



Increase your repeat customers

As a top-rated plumbing business, you'll build customer loyalty will skyrocket when existing customers that they're already working with the best in town, with no need to shop around with your competitors.

  • Proactively identify areas for improvement
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • See clients return over and over



How it works


Follow up with customers

Automatically send your customers a follow-up text message upon completing a job.

Identify who's happy and who's not

Measure customer satisfaction using a simple thumbs up, thumbs down process.
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Invite happy customers to leave reviews

Invite happy customers to leave reviews on sites like Google, Facebook and NoCowboys.

Prompt unhappy customers for feedback

Proactively identify unhappy customers so you can rectify their problems.

Proof that it works

Lost for words, the amount of people that come in saying that they decided to shop with us because of our Google Reviews is insane.

We went from having no way to for our customers to leave us reviews apart from writing one on their own. To betterbunch sending out 30+ review requests per day. Pretty much explains why we have had such an outstanding growth with reviews.

Managing Director, Steve's Tyres

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