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It's our privilege to help local businesses dramatically improve their online reputations using customer reviews and feedback.  Check out what our customers have to say about betterbunch!


Our business Heat Force Ltd (www.heatforce.co.nz) has been using betterbunch for a while now and we have seen a significant increase in the number of customer reviews since betterbunch was implemented. The automation features make the process simple to implement and easy for customers to respond to, and the system also helps keep potentially negative feedback from making it online. Value for money, easy to use, and it helps our business - a no brainer for us!

Hamish Martin
Heat Force

These guys rock, have really helped us with gaining reviews. We continue to use their service and have recommended them to friends also in business. Keep up the great work guys. Thanks again.

Eamonn Ford

BetterBunch rocks! Super easy to use and makes managing Google reviews a breeze. Customer service? Top-notch! They're like wizards, fixing any issue in a snap. Since using BetterBunch, my reviews are soaring! Love it!

Pulse Automotive

Fantastic results in as little as week! These guys have a system that makes getting feedback from your clients, simple and effective. If you run a great business and have great customer feedback internally, turn them into 5-star sales advocates with BetterBunch!

Matthew Scott

What a fantastic product, in the past we have tried many other ways before to get positive customer feedback into google with little success. But Better Bunch has been a huge success for us. They make it seamless and easy to achieve. Thanks Guys, 400 positive reviews and climbing!


BetterBunch has been an excellent platform to enable us to gather regular feedback from our customers, good and bad, to ensure that we are giving the best service we can. And when we don't get it right, we can manage a resolution to ensure that all parties are happy at the end of the day. Thanks BB :)


The best marketing tool we've used in the last 5 years, increased the value of our business drastically.

Nick Young
Autoland North Shore

Really pleased with the results from working with Better Bunch over the last year. 
Very easy to use platform and always get great support from the team. Highly recommend.

Lianne Gunther
Levin Heat Pumps

We have been using the Betterbunch service for over a year now and the results have been fantastic.  We are really impressed
by the responses we get and the backend management of the reviews. Would definitely recommend.


We jumped onboard with Betterbunch with less than 20 Google reviews. As a very busy business we just found it hard to follow up clients
for review sas time is limited. Better Bunch have the easiest platform that enables quick export of clients to distribute for feedback. Our reviews
have quickly grown to 300+ and it's great for business.

Craig Stuart
Pink Bins

Our business has been using betterbunch for just over 2 years now. Our customer base has grown due to seeing how many reviews are on Google
when they search for tyres.  betterbunch are a very supportive team who are always willing to help you when required.

Jason Jones
Eastland Tyres

Betterbunch have exceeded my expectations for a review platform. The feedback we’ve received so far has been outstanding in growing our online platform.
We’ve gained trust amongst new customers leading to increased sales. The staff are extremely helpful and are a pleasure to work with.

Tessa Judd
Poppy In April

Amazing company, Connor was very professional and knowledgeable! Would highly recommend.

Benzi Rodrigues

Betterbunch has exceeded all our expectations, very professional and easy to work with. This has allowed us to better our profile and
enjoy the benefits of our happy customers.

Benny Majgaonkar
Smile Concepts

The platform is easy to use. Great service and knowledgeable staff. Highly recommend.

Eastern Automotive

This is one brilliant SaaS company, we receive great feedback from our clients, the platform is easy to use and it provides a great return on investment.

Eastern Automotive

Fantastic results in as little as week! These guys have a system that makes getting feedback from your clients, simple and effective. If you run a great business and have great customer feedback internally, turn them into 5-star sales advocates with betterbunch!

Matthew Scott

Lost for words, the amount of people that come in saying that they decided to shop with us because of our Google Reviews is insane.  We went from having no way for our customers to leave us reviews apart from writing one on their own. To betterbunch sending out 30+ review requests a day. Pretty much explains why we have had such an outstanding growth with reviews.

Steve's Tyre Service

100% value for money. The business is gaining new customers and staff morale is high on the back of the positive customer reviews. We are stoked, and I was quite skeptical at first but I am blown away by the success of such a simple tool. It is also helping us attract new talent.

Otara Family Health & Medical Centre

betterbunch has had a significant impact on our business, helping us to attract new customers and build credibility. There is no doubt in my mind that we wouldn't have gotten as many reviews as we have with our betterbunch subscription, so the yearly fee we pay is well worth it.

Tauranga Diesel Specialists

By far, the best and most affordable marketing tool I have seen so far.

Watkins Plumbing

We started using betterbunch on a Monday, and by Tuesday we were already the top-rated workshop in Nelson!

Pages Automotive

Very good value and super helpful in raising our Google Review numbers.  Our increase in reviews has been very positive and any interactions with the betterbunch team have been easygoing and helpful.

Davies Heat & Cool

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