At Betterbunch, we've helped thousands of businesses get their Google Business Profile into good shape.

Every local business needs to have SEO built in if you expect to be found online. It’s not too far from the truth to say that if your local business doesn’t have any presence on Google, then people can be forgiven for not knowing you actually exist!

That’s not ideal, and we’re here to help avoid your business doing a ‘digital disappearing act’.

There are loads of benefits to getting your Google Business Profile in good shape, and there are plenty of ways you can start optimising the information you provide so you enjoy the full benefits of the algorithm – yes, more leads!

If you haven’t claimed your profile, or set it up, click here for steps on how to do this.

The easy ways to optimise your Google Business Profile

  • Review and update your business information regularly. Maybe put a check in place to do this every quarter.  
  • Engage with customers. Reply to their reviews and questions. 
  • Create a call to action. 
  • Seek out online customer reviews. 
  • Create sales leads form. 

Use keywords throughout your Google Business Profile

Using keywords will help to unlock the full potential of Google for your business.  Use them in your business descriptions and posts, because they all count towards helping customers find what they're looking for - which, we both know, is you, your products and your services.

Upload photos and videos to your Google Business Profile

It's proven beyond any doubt that photos drive curiosity and engagement, and ultimately lead to increased click-through rates (CTR).  Choose your best photos and update them as needed.

There is a range of options available to select from when it comes to the use of profile photos. Think interior or exterior photos, pictures of the team, a product and a service. They all count when it comes to making that all-important and lasting first impression.

Don't underestimate the power of video too - especially if you've uploaded it to YouTube.  This will help with getting your business listed on the search engine results page (SERP).  You might like to think about posting some short 10-15" clips to help tell potential customers about who you are and the product/s and service/s you provide.

Review and update your local business information

Stay up-to-date and accurate with all the essential information to do with your business, including your operating hours and details around holiday closures.  Google will often send you a helpful prompt to update your hours for major public holidays like Easter, Labour Day and Christmas, for example.

Get found on Google Maps

It's really important that customers are able to find you.  We all know the power of directions, and you'll want to make the buying decision and 'getting there' process as easy as possible for your customers. 

Location accuracy is a key ingredient in your SEO success and your Google Business Profile will prioritise you in the search results if you've got complete and up-to-date information about where customers can find you.

Start generating Google reviews for your business

Star ratings, star ratings, star ratings!  Whenever you're searching these days, you're more than likely to see a whole bunch of local businesses and their associated star ratings from customers.  As humans, we're naturally drawn to reviews - they're as powerful as word of mouth and positive online reviews are essential to growing your business.

Customer testimonials mean a lot more than what salesperson will ever let on, and having a raft of positive reviews means you'll automatically increase your chances of receiving a customer enquiry or booking.

Also, make sure that you respond to your reviews; even the negative ones.

If that sounds a bit daunting, we're always here to help.  Our simple and easy-to-use software prompts customers to give you a thumbs up or thumbs down rating and invites all "thumbs up" respondents to leave a review - automatically published to your Google Business Profile.

In conclusion

Once you're up and running, the work doesn't stop!  Stay on top of your Google Business Profile and optimisation efforts by putting a regular review into the diary.

Keep posting high-quality, relevant photos and respond to any customer enquiries promptly.

Seek out and encourage online reviews. Remember, online reviews are the most powerful and most cost-effective form of advertising. You can never have too many of them!

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